Friday, December 10, 2010

Openleaks? Probably a hoax. (Update: It is really happening)

I saw news about Openleaks on finnish Yle newsite. Source was swedish Dagens Nyheter. Quick search on google gave result only of one article, which referred to same Dagens Nyheter story. was tweeting 44 mins ago, "site coming soon". So nothing else, only source being swedish Dagens Nyheter and right now I really wouldn't believe anything what swedish media is trying to push out regarding Wikileaks.

This thing smells and pretty badly. If there was rumours about WikiLeaks being CIA operation, more likely I would bet my money that Openleaks really is something fishy, related to CIA operations. Why Dagens Nyheter article is written in english, since they normally write in swedish? Use google translate for reading comments there, most of them are in swedish and comments are really suspicious about the whole news.

Why Wikileaks group would split right now? There is nearly 1,200,000 supporters on Facebook and everything is going forward, despite of US goverment enormous pressure.

So... I would say, Openleaks is hoax, don't believe in it. - Who is query leads to Berlin, Germany. - DN is biggest newspaper in Sweden.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wikileaks - collected blog and news links until 6.12.2010.


Here are collected blog and news links related to Wikileaks and Julius Assange:

Other (DNS issues etc.): , related to Wikileaks Domain pulled by everyDNS.


6.12.10 CrunchGear : Does Wikileaks Represent The End Of Internet History?

6.12.10 : Glenn Greenwald - The lawless Wild West attacks WikiLeaks

6.12.10 TechLiberation : Some thoughts on Cablegate

6.12.10 RAWStory: Revealed: Assange ‘rape’ accuser linked to notorious CIA operative

6.12.10 TNW: Wikileaks Now Running on Over 300 Domains

4.12.10 FDL: Assange Accuser Worked with US-Funded, CIA-Tied Anti-Castro Group

4.12.10 Political Tidbits: Wikileaks’ Julius Assange: hero or heel?

News (& blogs):

6.12.10 Guardian : Wikileaks cables: US fights flow of arms from eastern Europe to its enemies

6.12.10 CNET: Feds block workers from WikiLeaks, mirror sites

6.12.10 Guardian: Live with the WikiLeakable world or shut down the net. It's your choice

Most news sites have their special wikileaks-themesite, so I'm not covering here hundreds of wikileaks news articles, check for example Guardian, El Pais, Le Monde, NY Times, Der Spiegel etc.


Guardian: US embassy cables: browse the database

Wikileaks: Cable Viewer

All published cables can be found from Wikileaks mirrors



There is also plenty of Wikileaks stuff on torrent networks, google for 'wikileaks torrent'.

Monday, November 29, 2010

#cablegate picks , part 1 - Syria and US relationships.

In following days I will blog (quote) best picks from documents.

I'm following #cablegate hashtag on Twitter.

@ElijahLynn "Syria...had refused to cooperate with President Bush because it did not trust him and because..." #10DAMASCUS8

8. (S) Syria, Asad explained, had refused to cooperate with
President Bush because it did not trust him and because the
Bush Administration had wrongfully accused Syria of
supporting foreign fighters. When President Obama assumed
office, Syria tried to be positive. Asad he had proposed to
Special Envoy Mitchell the idea of a border security
cooperation initiative with Iraq as a first step. (Post
Comment: Asad's recollection is both selective and
inaccurate. U.S. officials first proposed a border security
cooperation initiative to a reluctant FM Muallim in May 2009.
President Asad agreed to participate after meeting S/E
Mitchell in late July 2009.) "This was a small step for me,
but big for you," Asad argued. Citing the U.S. inability to
control its long border with Mexico, Asad said the border was
not the major challenge. Syria's close intelligence
cooperation with Turkey enabled both countries to prevent
terrorists from crossing their 860-kilometer border without
relying on a huge border security presence. This
intelligence cooperation enabled Syria to "suffocate"
logistical networks critical to the movement of terrorists.
"In the U.S., you like to shoot (terrorists). Suffocating
their networks is far more effective," said Asad.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Facebook leaks our IP addresses and current geo-locations.

Via Binary Intelligence:

"Facebook has nice email notifications whenever a friend comments on your status, sends you a message, or a variety of other reasons. The emails have subjects similar to "John Doe commented on your wall post." The unfortunate thing is that this email also appears to contain John Doe's (or your other friend's) IP address.


You will get the IP address of your friend and clicking on it will get a geolocation-based map. This will also show you if your friend used their cell phone to post and who they use as their service provider."

Of course Facebook seems to have plenty of other privacy issues, but this is really ridiculous. I'm not really fancy about idea of all my Facebook friends to know my current location. Well they know now, if they really want and the actual problem is: I can't really do anything about it, I can't change my privacy settings for fixing this problem. Thanks Facebook, again.

Whole story:

Binary Intelligence: Facebook Leaks IP Addresses